Thursday, August 13, 2009


15 days until, as my sister would say (every time we clocked out of that godforsaken excuse for a restaraunt that I'm still forcing myself to work at for 12 more days), I "PTFO" outta this country and leave for a law and human rights internship South Africa. SO I knowIknowIKNOW that internet blogging can be super lame...but writing is my outlet and international phone calls are expensive, so alas, I find myself joining the cyberworld of overeager teenagers pouring over their myspace profile details and stalking (ok, I've been guilty here) their dweeby teenage boyman hearthrobs....go team. The point is, that I want to stay in touch with YOU and update you on all the sweet and, knowing me, awkward experiences I'm having...I hope you enjoy and I'll update a few days before I leave. much love, jules